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Asian exhibitionists gets gang banged, tortured and humiliated in public by complete strangers

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

The guys from Public disgrace met this Asian girl who was looking to be gang banged, but of course the public disgrace guys want her gang banged in a public place by strangers. They take this hot Asian slut from the upper floor down to the basement. They tie this hot Asian slut to the wall so she cant escape and blind fold her, so she cant see who is touching her or molesting her fit Asian bound body The more this slut begs to be left alone, the more the crowd of strangers get turned on and the more they abuse this bitch. This Asian slut takes it all in public. She is verbally abused and humiliated, make to suck every strangers cock, she is fucked, slapped and spat on. All in public and all in front of a group full of strangers. Who all unload their cum over her face and in her mouth when they have finished with her. Watch this movie and all the public disgrace movies here

Dirty slut Group Sex with strangers in a seedy Porn Theater

Monday, July 20th, 2015

This dirty slut is a dirty wild party slut that loves to get fucked and to suck off strangers in public. So this dirty old pervert Dirty D takes her to a seedy porn theater to get fucked, abused and humiliated by strangers. As soon as they get in the cinema Dirty D had gets this slutty bitch naked and shows her off to all the strangers in the theater, who are not use to getting a free live show. No sooner does this bitch start sucking Dirty D’s cock, then strangers start licking and fingering her shaved cunt. Dirty D puts our little slut on one of the cinema chairs and starts fucking this whore in the cunt. This slut is such a dirty bitch that she tells all the dirty strangers to fuck her face, which of course they do. Taking it in turns to use and abuse this slapper. Watch this whore beg for strangers jizz to be shot all over her slutty  face. While this dirty bitch is getting fucked she sucks and wanks the spunk from all the strangers in the cinema.

Drunk women publicly humiliated in public in front of their friends

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

What is it you think your wife or girlfriend is doing when she goes out with her friends to hen parties? Do you think they are just having a few drinks and watching the male strippers. Noooo. That is not what happens at all. These drunk ladies are not happy unless they are watching their friends getting publicly humiliated by naked male strippers. Often these women are dragged up on stage by these naked male strippers and forced to do sex acts with the strippers while at the same time all their friends are laughing and encouraging them to be dirty slappers. The public sex acts range for sucking off the male strappers in front of their friends, to being dry humped on the floor by these strangers. Take a look at this movie of some ladies drunk and humiliated on stage by this male stripper and then decide would your wife join in or just watch?

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gay sub gets double penetrated in public

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

There are loads of horny gay men who are always cruising late at night looking for a sub to use and abuse. This sub gets taken to this cruise spot for some nasty humiliating action with any strangers who want to join in. Watch as these doms grope this sub in front of all these strangers and let these strangers to rip off his clothes. This sub is then made to suck any strangers cocks in public. But when this sub refuses to have a sex with a blowup doll in public in front of strangers he really gets punished. After he gets a hard whipping this sub is then humiliated by being made to insert his cock into the sex doll. The group of strangers then drag this man cunt into the video arcade and makes him suck each and every cock who wants a blowjob. Watch as these strangers take turns fucking his mouth and ass through this public gloryhole. But the best is left till last. watch as this sub has his ass double penetrated before they shoot their hot cum all over his face. Download the full length movie here

submissive anal whore ass pounded and fisted in a comic book store then tied up and used buy a van full of strangers

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

This submissive little whore is a real anal loving sub. She has a great pair of tits, while all these strangers grope her tits in this pizza restaurant she gets her ass used hard, with massive anal beeds, she gets her ass fisted and also her ass fucked hard. After her face gets covered in nerd man cum, they tied the bitch up in the back of a van and invite four strangers to do what they want with her, these strangers really give it hard to this bitch, face whipping her with their cocks, fucking her up the ass and dp’ing the bitch. She has to do whatever these strangers want as she is tied up. The final humiliation is that this submissive anal whore is taken to a public store, her face still covered in cum and she is used as a human serving tray. This is a great public humiliation update with lots of public sex humiliation and hard anal pounding. Watch more public humiliation movies here

Dirty bitch fucked and humiliated in a public sex cinema

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

This slut on theater sluts is a hippie who is well up for free love, which she is going to get with Dirty D. Dirty D brings this hippie to this sex cinema to share her around the guys at the sex cinema. If you have been to a sex cinema with a women, you will know what it is like. It isn’t long after you sit down before you are surrounded by men. Dirty D strips this hippie slut naked and shows all the perverts in the cinema her body, great tits and shaved cunt. It isn’t long before Dirty D is getting his cock sucked. Dirty D fucks April and has her stroke and suck the surrounding strangers cocks. The strangers in the cinema even get a chance to fuck this slut one at a time in the sex cinema. Watch as this hippie slut takes load after load of these strangers cum until the entire sex cinema of perverted strangers are all satisfied. Watch the full length movie at theater sluts here