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Drunk woman dragged up on stage and made to suck cock in public

Friday, October 30th, 2015

This young lady is at a party with her friends and their are male strippers there to entertain the ladies. British ladies like nothing better than to get drunk and watch each other humiliate themselves for each others amusement. That is why in England stag and hen parties are so popular with women, but not so popular with their husbands. If husbands really knew what these ladies get up to when they go out to party, I’m sure they would never let the ladies out at night. As you will see in this video, where this British women is goaded into sucking this strangers cock in public and on stage, by her drunk and excited friends. But will this young housewife be happy to suck cock in public and humiliate herself for her friends drunken amusement? Watch this movie clip and find out.

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Drunk women at a male strip show doing stuff they will regret the next day

Monday, October 12th, 2015

party hardcore – Next time your current sweetheart or maybe wife informs you that she is heading out to somewhat of a bash together with her girlfriends out of university or work, you had better think twice about permitting her to out, for the reason that all girl celebrations may not be just what exactly they once were. Girly times out there that has a handful of wines as well as dancing will be in yesteryear, and lately the events grew to become down and dirty and gals evenings have got a whole new meaning. That is definitely what exactly these sex fun women are usually doing, anyway these are enjoying every second of the brand new found orgy experience that is in contrast to anything they’ve ever experienced before! Some of these slutty amateur women are exposing their slutty part by gobblong down stripper dick as deeply as they could, getting drunk and also eating every others holes.

Women on a hen night get humiliated by a male stripper

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

You would not believe what women get up to when they are out with a night with their friends. They love to watch each other get on stage and get humiliated by male strippers. Will this male stripper get these complete strangers to suck his cock in public, while all her friends and a load of strangers watch, getting drunk, cheering and shouting encouragement? Well you will have to see for yourself. watch as these real British sluts are on their knees in public and are deciding whether or not to suck off this strangers cock. Do you think your wife would be happy to suck cock in front of her friends? Or do you think she would be to embarrassed to suck cock in public? I bet you will change your mind after watching this film.

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mature drunk MILF wife publicly humiliated

Friday, August 7th, 2015

No one enjoys watching women in public sucking on a strangers cock more than me. I love to see women humiliated in public for the amusement of men. But these women are being publicly humiliated for the amusement of other drunk ladies. These ladies are all out on a hen night and after getting way to drunk, they are dragged up on stage and humiliated by being mad to perform sex acts on this naked male stripper, while all at the same time, their drunken friends are pissed up on way to much wine and shouting, cheering and encouraging these housewives to get naughty with the male strippers. These women are just ordinary housewives and probably your wife or girlfriend does exactly the same when she goes out. Or do you think that all other women are slappers when they get drunk with their friends, but your wife is somehow different?

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Drunk women publicly humiliated in public in front of their friends

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

What is it you think your wife or girlfriend is doing when she goes out with her friends to hen parties? Do you think they are just having a few drinks and watching the male strippers. Noooo. That is not what happens at all. These drunk ladies are not happy unless they are watching their friends getting publicly humiliated by naked male strippers. Often these women are dragged up on stage by these naked male strippers and forced to do sex acts with the strippers while at the same time all their friends are laughing and encouraging them to be dirty slappers. The public sex acts range for sucking off the male strappers in front of their friends, to being dry humped on the floor by these strangers. Take a look at this movie of some ladies drunk and humiliated on stage by this male stripper and then decide would your wife join in or just watch?

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